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Yes. I keep a record.

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Reverse DNS: [No reverse DNS entry per dns2.dtf.wa.gov.au.]
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
ASN: 17618
ASN Name: DTF-WA-GOV-AU-AP (Department of Treasury & Finance, Western Australia,)
IP range connectivity: 5
Registrar (per ASN): APNIC
Country (per IP registrar): AU [Australia]
Country Currency: AUD [Australia Dollars]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): Unknown
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar: whois.apnic.net
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS:

except for using software I am using on my Computer Forensics course, I have found that this IP address is in Canberra. Funny that!!!

Look you stupid fat fucker. If you are so damned interested in me why don't you give me a call and ask how I am? Better yet, why don't I just call you? Although last time I did, I must say I was intrigued to still find you at home during the working week. Does this mean you are still trying to get pensioned off on a mental disability? Get them to contact me. I can vouch for your lack of reality.

Surely your psychiatrist has written a glowing report as to your lack of sanity? Isn't this what you want? So that you can get a bit of sympathy?

As a psychologist, one would have thought that you would have gathered all the tools of your trade together and dealt with your own shit. You know it's up to you in the end. You know the little pills you rely on so desperately aren't going to fix the underlying cause for your distress.

You also know that living the double life you have been will in the end cause exactly what has happened to you. A mental breakdown. You know that both your wives divorced you due to your extra-marital activities. You know they were both contacted about your activities. A pity none of those people had the guts to call the cops on you. Or, perhaps they did. I know that you harrassed and threatened a woman in WA over her wanting to report you to the authorities.

This coupled with your obvious jealousy for the human race in general - as you are quite short and not particulary attractive to most women due to your bulk, height and attitude - was a no brainer that you would eventually crack. Sucko!

I go ahead in leaps and bounds. You raped me. It's not supposed to work that way, is it Jurgen? I'm supposed to be your victim for the rest of my life. You just picked the wrong woman this time. You are sitting there in your flat with the curtains pegged together, hiding away from the world. And, why shouldn't you? You don't deserve to be a part of society, and luckily for society it had worked that out a long time ago. You have been shunned all of your life. No wonder you have turned into the sick little pervert you have.

It's quite pitious actually.

I'm happy to know that you are suffering Jurgen. It makes my victory even sweeter.
* * *
Tutor: Miss SweetBloom
Duration: 10 minutes if you read slowly

Before I get started I would like to remind you all how important it is to present yourself at your best. Therefore, misspelled words, incorrectly used words and ill constructed sentences should not appear within your profile or introductory proforma messages.

Your choice of photograph is always important as well. Ten year old polaroids are a dead give away. As are your glamour shots girls. Be real. Be recent. Think about your profile as your sexual resume. If you want the position, you must put your best face forward.


It seems that there are many of you "hot and hornies" out there under a belief that due to this site being one that is aimed at securing casual sex buddies, respectful and polite behaviour is not warranted here.

I believe that men are not the only perpetrators of this unfashionable behaviour either, ladies.

My fellow sisters are allegedly posting pictures of themselves that are somewhat aged (like from Hotshots - erugghhh. No one looks like their photographs from that place), and lying about their recent weight gain. That is not polite. If a gentleman doesn't appreciate Big Beautiful Women (BBW) he shouldn't be deceived into thinking he has scored a date with a Cindy Crawford look-a-like.

I realise that due to a misguided marketing program that society isn't supposed to discriminate against the more comely within our community - gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins and some people just can't find it in themselves to be attracted to that.

My concern for the obese is for your health and well-being. I do not have a problem with overweight people if they are honest about being overweight. The comments here are directed at the women who have hurt the men by lying about their weight and attacking said gentlemen for being discriminatory.

Let me put this theory to you:

Had you not lied ladies, you wouldn't have suffered abuse about your overweight from that particular prospective lover. Some people do not like cuddly bodies, as some don't like thin ones, or overly muscled. Liars are liars. It is not your weight that upset the person, it is the lies you told them, so they would meet you.

Why should your deceit be accepted? It is obvious you are upset about your physicality, otherwise you wouldn't lie about it.


Gentlemen. Now let me discuss your age. Remembering your birth date seems to be a bit of a problem amongst those in their "middle age". Korsakoff's normally occurs in the slightly older person - but then drinking tolerances in Australia are quite high in comparison to the rest of the world - the physical damage primarily evident is permanent brewer's droop. I would have thought the memory loss came later.

I sense many a mid-life crisis in full swing - and young at heart as a self description is a dead give away.

I wonder who decided to add the field where self descriptions were allowed? Attractive would be a physical description, not a wholistic "personality" call - especially here. Be honest. Just because your mum says you're the best looking man around, isn't necessarily so. Think about Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond. I rest my case.

I know the advertisements for this site indicate a quick meet up, but honestly safety must come into play here. We have accepted that most people lie in their profiles.

Therefore, a gentle athletic man who turns into a fat unfit psychopathic rapist is not really aptly describing himself in his profile. It's prudent to vet the prospectives. Personal experience has taught me that rigourous challenging is best first, rather than later, when hindsight only served to prove blatant stupidity on my behalf.

Some of the lengths that are gone to are incredible - the shorter in stature male that constantly created new trial accounts so as to "look" at my account after being rejected or blocked has mental deficiencies a mile wide. This has been going on since February. Persistent tenacious little pervert. My point? He isn't the only one.

There is much anger and aggression towards women on this site. I will point out this is no different than what is happening in our greater society.

The attitude that some of you display towards women is despicable and the whole process is cheapened to a point that you become revolting.

Again, why don't you score? Have you ever looked at yourself or even read what you have written? Why do you feel that being pushy and rude is going to make me change my mind and date you? Why would you think I would believe your poorly written descriptive of yourself as a calm and easy going person when you behaviour is blatantly contradictory?

Do you not think women have the ability to "test" you by placing you in situations where you will react? Prudent behaviour. Vetting and testing before a meeting. Safety. 96% of all sexually based violent attacks are carried out by men, upon women. Don't you think the internet has provided an easier mechanism for the pervert to utilise? Why wouldn't women then counter that by being more careful?

Being on a site like this does not indicate desperateness, or a lack of self esteem.

Unfortunately there are more overgrown children here than adults. The women seem particularly desperate, especially when in their public galleries are posted pics of themselves with "great honking black rubber dildos" down their throats, or full "burger" shots for all to see. And your faces - I can see who you are - have you no shame? Pity you aren't showing any self-respect - would be preferable to your cottage cheese arse and thigh shots.

To sum up.


If you are actually planning on meeting people, why do you think they will accept you in all your glory at 105kg and 149cm tall, when you allowed them to think you were 55kg and 165cm tall?


Think erotic and exotic. Not pornographic. A sense of mystery is always more enticing than a poorly constructed shot of your genitalia. Sword swallowers are common. Dildo swallowers are just sad.


Define them first. Be honest.


If someone can't meet you, then they can't meet you. It's not really the end of the world is it?


There are plenty of other fish in the sea, trees in the forest, bikes in the bike rack. Whatever.


No explanation necessary.

The Squid ho amm project is underway - due to be released in 2006.



My Ideal Partner:

Alrighty then!

It seems there are more than a few of you that take exception to my profile. Either you are really lacking in your self esteem department or have a comprehension problem - so:

I'll spell it out so you don't find yourself with your jocks, and/or your bra straps and control top panties in a twist, writing abusive messages to me.

This profile was rewritten, tongue in cheek around messages that I received when I first put my profile here.

I guess it efficiently serves as a barrier against fools. This is incredibly important as I have experienced.

Sorry for "offending" some so much by this profile that they felt it necessary to defend themselves by attacking me.

Now that's a wholesome and somewhat winning display of your obviously charming and easy going personality, wouldn't you say?

Try ringing someone who cares. I'll mail you the money if you like? (*whispers behind hand to no-one in particular*....one would think I wrote it with them in mind - pull up your jocks boys, adjust your skirts, girls!!!! Your low self esteem is showing - really I'd prefer to see your bum-crack and/or cottage cheese thighs anyday).

However, I do want to extend my heart-felt thanks to those who bothered to take the time to prove many of my theories correct.

A WEE HINT FOR YOU ALL: If you read through the profile very very carefully, you will notice that I have excluded me also. *pokes tongue*

Having had to put this blow by blow explanation up here, has really pulled the punch out of my profile! (Re-affirms my thoughts on time-sharing of a single brain by many - and now I believe the men are sharing it with certain women here also, huh shell?).

My sincerest apologies are offered to those who managed to get "it" without this explanation...

Lunacy rules on this site:

I am sure that many of you time-share the same brain - and it's not your turn at the moment.




ugly - inside and out - some of you really need to buy a full length mirror, or even take a look in one. Perhaps you could ask a woman other than your mum for an opinion on how you look;

Mr Potato body;

impotent or suffer from erectile dysfunction (I am not a charity);

age range thing is a myth. One of my contacts couldn't decide whether he was 37 or 39, but from his shots and the way he spoke, probably more like 45 - so, try to be within the age range you old-but-young-at-hearts;

unfit (I know there are a few of you that believe "thinking" about exercise makes you a fit, active and athletic person - such is the level of your own self denial);

a smoker - what the hell is a social smoker? An addict in denial - or are we talkin' 'bout part time Rastafarianism? ;-) ;

a drinker outside healthy limits;
married, attached or in an open relationship - I am a woman with three kids doing it on my own. I will support your wife before I support your philandering - it's due to your ignorance and lack of skill and care and attention that she doesn't want sex with you;
separated in your mind only;
bi-curious - male or female;
a couple or part of a couple trolling for suitable fuck buddies - sick, just sick;
reliant on medication;

have a criminal history - you don't have to have been caught, you know what you do, or have done. I don't accept "I love children" or any other paltry excuse that reeks of inability to accept responsibility - and I won't play the blame game with you either - eg. your childhood, last girlfriend, wife etc etc;

a biter when you kiss;

persistent, unless you are encouraged to be by myself;

a liar about your age - it's in your mind only that you are, and I quote: "younger looking for my age";

wanting me to cross dress;
wanting me to wear a strap on - ewwww and use it;
wanting you to cross dress - I hate it that you could look better in lingerie than I do;
wanting me to whip you;
wanting me to spank you;
wanting me to wee on you - I get stage fright... would never happen - wee wee is dirty you know. It's only sterile if it's your own;
wanting me to tie you up and beat you;
wanting me to control you;

wanting to wee wee on me;
wanting to stick your willy in my bottom;
wanting to tie me up;
wanting to bite great chunks out of me;

wanting to spank me, either softly or more brutally;
wanting to enter into some sort of 24/7 master/slave situation - get a life you village idiot;

and finally, the inability to comprehend any of the above will see you blocked without the normally polite refusal from myself.

Don't bother wasting your messages, I will not reply.

Am I worth all this? Quite "the yes".

Thank you.

* * *

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IP address:
Reverse DNS: 210-84-31-133.dyn.iinet.net.au.
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
ASN: 4802
ASN Name: WANTREE-AS-AP (Wantree Development)
IP range connectivity: 5
Registrar (per ASN): APNIC
Country (per IP registrar): AU [Australia]
Country Currency: AUD [Australia Dollars]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): Sydney, New South Wales
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar: whois.apnic.net
Known Proxy? No

and it's gateway =

inetnum: -
netname: IINET-AU
descr: iiNet Limited
descr: Level 6, Durack Centre
descr: 263 Adelaide Terrace
descr: Perth WA 6000
country: AU
admin-c: NO20-AP
tech-c: NO20-AP
mnt-by: APNIC-HM
changed: ******@aunic.net 19990513
changed: **************@apnic.net 20010525
changed: **********@apnic.net 20041224
source: APNIC

person: Network Operations
nic-hdl: NO20-AP
e-mail: ********@staff.iinet.net.au
address: iiNet Limited
address: Level 6, Durack Centre
address: 263 Adelaide Terrace
address: Perth WA 6000
phone: +61 8 9214 2222
fax-no: +61 8 9214 2211
country: AU
changed: ********@staff.iinet.net.au 20030106
changed: **********@apnic.net 20050127
source: APNIC
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Hey Little "Aquarian Sister"
Power to you......loved your profile.
Only one mistake upon your part........i.e "misspelled" is spelt like this " mis-spelt"
other than that......fine reading. I love detail (LOL)
This message comes to you in good spirit and well wishes in your search.
Nothing more, I am very happy in my relationship with a beautiful woman....
Warmest regards,
(c/o Rosie & I) xx

MY REPLY:  "http://www.yourdictionary.com/library/misspelled.html
What is more embarrassing than to misspell the name of the problem? Just remember that it is mis + spell and that will spell you the worry about spelling "spell."
http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=misspelled&meta=  (googled... see how often the word is referred to)
verb {T} misspelled or UK misspelt, misspelled or UK misspelt
to fail to spell a word correctly
noun {C or U}
usage - This essay is full of misspellings."
Dear escort4funplay,
You know. I wish people would google the damned word before they write me a note to have a pick. I don't spell check, although I don't use words I don't understand or can't spell.
You will see that misspelled is the actual spelling and mispelt is an accepted form.
thanks for your note anyway.
in all good spirits, but really, what is wrong with checking up on your facts prior to asserting an authority you obviously don't have. Please, look before you leap.


He replied: What a dumbfuck.

Well, well, well !
The banter of words is what an Aquarian loves.....do you agree ?
My reference to the word incorrectly spelt.....was of sincerity to you.
You will agree that you are not dealing with too many intelligent people on this site.
Hence, the commonly used word "mis-spelt", that I brought to your attention, for those who believe they rate themselves intelligent and in the attractive, muscular category......well, "if a SUMO wrestler was defined as muscular, then I (personally) have no hope."
Nevertheless, I enjoyed your comeback.
Whether your opinions are wrong or right, I will respect you...... in this case, you jumped without thinking yourself, as an Aquarian (Air Sign) to delivering this message.
Apology accepted (LOL)
I was never, at any point, exercising authority (as you noted)
Remember:- "No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
Sincerely, wish you well........!!!


"Only one mistake upon your part........i.e "misspelled" is spelt like this " mis-spelt"
other than that......fine reading. I love detail (LOL) "

You wrote to me to congratulate me for my profile and to let me know that I had made an error.

I replied with links to prove that you are partially wrong, and to educate you further.

Yeh. Whatever.


I love your spirit !!!!!!


Power to you girl !!!!!

*grin*.....*smirk*......laughter !!!!

My FINAL: Having just read your profile I would like to point out that your legal disclaimer is worth nothing and Universities and other organisations have a legal right to use publicly posted information - if you want to have any rights over your privacy I would suggest you don't advertise on sites such as Adult Match Maker. Also, to put on an action against a university purely to confirm your ignorance and arrogance is an expensive operation - you would firstly be advised to seek partners for sex games elsewhere, or not display so many photographs of yourselves. It really makes you look like a desperate pair.

Now. Run off little man. I have no further time for you or your rubbish.

Read more...Collapse )
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my profile is rejected.


it was a hooter too.

finding out why now.


* * *
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